Practice Areas


Practice Areas

In addition to advising on extraordinary corporate, banking and tax transactions the professionals provide services in the areas of legal and tax litigation, corporate, fiscal, tax and audit consultancy, commercial, copyright/film and theatre productions, banking, real estate, civil law, criminal law, employment, energy, renewable energy and pharmaceutical and medical device law.


Advice in the setting up of the company (deeds of incorporation, by-laws, shareholders’ agreements), advice on day-to-day matters (contracts, letters, shareholders’ minutes of the meetings and/or board of directors), and in the winding up of the business.

Advice in the management of shareholder’s relations and of management disputes, representation in the shareholder’s meetings.

Due diligence, mergers and acquisitions including drafting and negotiation of related contracts (confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, letter of intents, share purchase agreements), shareholders agreements, transfer of going concerns, consortia, joint ventures, etc.

Advice in the implementation of systems and procedures of internal and external control and management (compliance), advice to the management in drafting strategic plans.


Advice toward ordinary courts, arbitration and alternative dispute resolutions entities.

Fiscal and tax disputes; advice in the course of tax surveys and in the management of inspections with acceptance or self-defence against enforcements.

Management of insolvency procedures, drafting of restructuring and bailout plans; advice on bankruptcy, filing of bankruptcy insinuations – on tine and late – and management of the related disputes, including revocation and opposition requests.

Credit recovery.

Accountant, tax and audit

Accountant advice, drafting of balance sheets, audits.

Tax advice, drafting of income declarations, tax disputes, relations with Tax Authorities.

Inheritances, donations, advice on passing of companies’ generation.

Transfer and evaluations of going concerns, quotas and shares.

Extraordinary transactions (merger and acquisitions, transfer of going concern, split, winding up, etc.)

No profit (associations, onlus, etc.)

Auditors board and control entities.

Real Estate

Advice in extraordinary real estate transactions, due diligence (including special purpose vehicles), letter of intents, memorandum of understandings, options, preliminary and definitive contracts, setting up of SPVs, transfer of real estate companies, due diligence on authorizations and environmental issues.

Advice in the achievement of authorizations for the opening of retail parks and in the management of condominium and consortium.

Real estate and commercial lease disputes, including evictions and credit recovery.

Copyright/Film, Theatre productions

Consultancy on copyright matters, with particular reference to film and theatre productions

Criminal Law

Criminal law, Minors Criminal Law, Company’s Criminal Law with particular reference to companies, bankruptcy, environmental, urban, safety and health crimes and corporate responsibility. International Criminal Law.

Energy / Renewable Energy

Due diligence on: permits, certificates, authorizations, deeds of origin, connection to the grid procedures, local and national regulations, commercial and corporate matters, contracts (lease, surface rights, etc., third parties rights such as pre-emption rights, easements, mortgage, environmental issues, PSVS and related corporate matters.

Drafting of contracts for the purchase or sale of projects such as letter of intents, confidentiality, options, memorandum of understanding, preliminary and definitive agreements (of permits, SPVs, lands).

Drafting of any kind of commercial contract (lease, contractor, service, EPCI, OM, supply, surface right), advice in the achievement of incentives, loans and related guarantees, advice on regulatory issues and ordinary corporate matter (drafting of proxy, minutes of the shareholders’ and board of directors meetings) or extraordinary and real estate matters.

Advice in the achievement of loans and in the participation at private and public tenders or private / public partnership.

Banking and Finance

Advice on any credit, leasing, financial restructuring transaction.

Banking contracts (mortgage, credit, leasing, factoring, guarantees).

Banking regulatory fulfilments.

Disputes on banking matters such as bank accounts, bank guarantees, pledges and enforcement, mortgage. Disputes on exploitation, agreed and default interests.

Claims for illegal transactions at Risk Authorities or CAI; ordinary revocations pursuant to art. 2901 c.c..

Management of non performing credits (NPL).

Pharmaceutical and medical devices

Advice on regulatory issues with particular reference to research, review and interpretation of regulations on promotion, seminars, manufacturing, marketing importation authorizations, relationship with public entities and no profit associations, privacy, donations, sponsorship, generics, local regulations, codes of conduct.

Drafting, review and amendment of any commercial contract such as copromotion, license, distribution, manufacturing, clinical trial, observational study, consultancy, sponsorship, donation, sale, transportation, confidentiality.

Advice on ordinary and extraordinary corporate transactions (mergers & acquisitions, transfer f going concerns, joint ventures, shareholder agreement, ordinary corporate matters, compliance and company’s administrative liability.

Advice on public tenders.


Analysis, negotiation, drafting and conclusion of any kind of commercial contract, such as: purchase: lease, transfer or lease of going concern, transportation, manufacture, franchising, guarantee, leasing, ATI, supply, service, license, sale, distribution, letter of intent, option, memorandum of understanding, confidentiality.


Management of relationship between the company and the employees, from the initial phase to the termination.

Individual dismissals, collective dismissals, resignations, disciplinary measures and sanctions, regularization of employment, wage differences, change in duties, correct placement of contracts, procedures for the management of crisis and business mobility.

Drafting of employment contracts, full time, part-time, permanent contract, project work, training, freelance and self-resolution or transaction agreements.

Management of employment.

Civil Law

Contracts, insurance, consumer protections, civil liability and medical liability.

Family law with particular reference to divorce and separation, family patrimonial regime, filiation relations and adoption.

Purchase and division of inheritance, testamentary successions and purchase of legacy.