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Recent transactions of ELEXA professionals.
Luigi Dionisio and Andrea Renato advice a real estate group in its restructuring and reorganization
Andrea Renato and Luigi Dionisio advice clients in verifying usury in loans, leasing and bank accounts
Andrea Renato advices a solar company in its projects in United Kingdom and Dubai.
Alessandra Michaelides represented clients on credit recovery and damage disputes for medical liability of an hospital in Milano.
Luigi Dionisio is entrusted as receiver of a company operating in the services to tourism entities.
Simona Ceretta is entrusted with an analysis on MAE (European arrest warrant) and its application in Italy, to be published soon on the specialized magazines.
Raffaella Tavacca and Andrea Renato are representing a real estate company in the dispute proposed by a purchaser of an industrial plant in the Province of Lodi.
Lorenza Seresini, Simona Ceretta e Alessandra Michaelides adviced clients on “falsità in atti” disputes against public employees.
Alessandra Michaelides and Andrea Renato represented a real estate company in the dispute from a developer of a retail park in the Region Veneto.
Alessandra Michaelides and Simona Ceretta adviced clients  for unhauthorized constructions from members of a criminal organization.
Luigi Dionisio is entrusted with the registration at the Companies’ Register of a first standing no profit organization.
Andrea Renato advised a real estate group in the development and sale of projects represented by retail parks and hotels in the north of Italy.
Simona Ceretta represented a stalker in the dispute from a well-known anchor woman.
Andrea Renato represented with success a real estate company in the dispute of fictitious interposition with a value of Euro 1,1 Millions, and related seizure procedure, proposed by a subcontractor of a retail park in the Region Veneto.  
Andrea Renato participated, as speaker, at the seminar of March 14, 2013, organized by SIAR (Italian Agency for Regulatory Affairs) on “Medicinal products and Medical Devices: Compliance on the relationship with health professionals, scientific associations, organizations and patients”.